Real Conversations with Associates

Has anyone else noticed that their phone conversations with associates, vendors and customer service reps have gotten more meaningful as of late (aka COVID era)? I reordered lids last week and spoke with Kevin at my supplier. We customarily exchange pleasantries,conduct what business needs to be done, then we are off the phone. 90 seconds. Maybe. Last week we were on the phone for 19 minutes.

I learned that gyms closing have really thrown his day out of wack. He doesn't like running and his urban apartment doesn't have the space or equipment for his kind of work out. Kevin enjoys working from home because he doesn't have to commute through the city everyday but he misses the social interaction. We talked about the weather and other obligatory niceties. We also talked about the country's response.

Part of this is because we miss people. Much of this comes though as a result of sudden connectedness. An awareness of our shared humanity. Everyone is watching. Everyone, every where is effected. For a moment, we are all human.

Societies are already pointing fingers at one another and the disparity between the haves and the have-nots ability to weather this storm is glaring, but hopefully a global reminder of our shared humanity will leave a positive impact. A world wide, hand-holding Kumbaya event is unrealistic. A slight uptick in awareness is possible. Hopefully enough to continue conversations with Kevin.

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