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Mountain Fresh Italian Ice started in the spring of 2013 for two simple reasons: 1) We saw the need in the concessions world of Fairs and Festivals for a healthier alternative to most of the desserts being served and 2) Because we REALLY wanted to move to Montana and didn't have jobs.

We left the security of our teaching jobs in Georgia because Montana is where we want to be and raise our family.  Mountain Fresh is a true family business and very much a group effort. Our business values are in line with our family values and we do our best to be good stewards. Knowing the disposable nature of this business we are sure to use compostable corn cups rather than plastic. We reuse our quality American made tubs and offer a reuse bonus to our vendors so we are not needlessly adding to our landfills. We use organic cane sugar to support practices that minimize chemicals.

I spent two plus years developing the recipe and I am proud to say I do not believe there is a better frozen dessert out there.  Our line of all natural flavors are some of the cleanest label, most wholesome desserts on the market. No allergens. No dairy. No fat or cholesterol. No Gluten or soy. We use plant derived colors rather than food dye in  and I still make every batch myself.

We first served Mountain Fresh at the Livingston, Montana Farmers' market and although we both found teaching jobs (my wife at MSU and myself at a small rural school outside Bozeman) we have been growing along with our daughter for seven summers now. Thank you for your support and interest and look for us on the freezer shelves of your local grocer!